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Acupuncturist NYC | Address: 17507 89th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11432, United States, Phone: (917) 933-3326

The success stories of Acupuncturist NYC are very "INSPIRING" !

You can find a new horizon for a few diseases that can have a treatment rarely in cheap rate.

Pregnancy is an overwhelming gift of nature. Often couples suffer much to conceive. Even after applying the various type of modern treatment, people face difficulty to be pregnant. Acupuncture for fertility can be a great solution to pregnancy.


While western therapy has a low success rate, Acupuncture can improve the success rate by up to 26%. Alone Acupuncture is also very useful to promote your ovulation and pregnancy.


It seems surprising to me when modern therapy fails how a traditional treatment can bring success. After its effects on my life, I believe it works.


It’s my success story of Acupuncture for fertility.


I’m Julia, a finance lawyer, and mother of a little prince, Jesus. I’m from the Bronx. After four years of my living relation, we married in June 2015.


We’re trying to have a baby. After a few months in January 2016, we made our first visit to the doctor. All of the test results were very normal. After a few months of several medications, I was unable to pregnant. My age was an issue. I was also depressed with my career growth. We had tried for modern IVF therapy but after a few days, I had a miscarriage. It happened twice.


It was shocking. Anxiety is killing me. At that moment, one of his colleague shares about Acupuncture infertility NYC. When he shared with me, it laughed loudly. I started believing that there is some problem with me, which restrict my motherhood.


Paul convinced me to visit the best acupuncture infertility NYC specialists. It was August 2016, when I was in the first session. I can still remember that day when the therapist asks about my lifestyle, food and other habits and I was answering with some ignorance style. Lastly, I had needle some insertion in various points.


Unbelievably, after that session, I feel relaxed and become curious to go for another session within this week.


We have to maintain a few things as per the therapist’s advice. For the first month, I have to visit twice a week and from the second month, it reduces to once in a week. After three months from the initial date, we start our lovemaking process again. I understand my pregnancy in February 2017, from then we start a co-therapy for the next few months as per my therapist and doctor’s advice.


This time I do not face any difficulty like lower lining placenta, excessive vomiting, etc. The entire pregnancy was like a sweet memory for me. In October 2017, my son Jesus was born to fulfill our life.


From that time, I know what Acupuncture did for me. After that, I have visited many times to my therapist for other issues and got 100% satisfaction each time.

Restore Your Energy with the Best Acupuncturist in NYC

The acupuncturists diagnose and inquire about the history of the disease for every case. You will get complete support from the acupuncturist.


When you start taking treatment, you become our responsibility as a whole. From the beginning to the end, we will provide complete support. We have a friendly environment here, which helps the mental improvement of the clients.


We have many stories of successful acupuncture where the patients get benefits after two to three sessions.

We have some procedure and policy for your sake, which makes us extremely authoritative to your treatment.


  • Diagnosis and check the history of every patient.
  • Keep and track records of every patient through the whole session.
  • Keeping the patient history separately in a digital archive.
  • Provide the treatment options for long term only sterile needles used.
  • We have a policy for the unusual event.
  • We have a special service for emergency.
  • Liable for long-term support.

Contact with the Best Acupuncturist in NYC

If you are tired of anxiety and other health issues and fails to improve by using modern medications, why don’t you try acupuncture?


The traditional Chinese system can be a quick and effective solution for your abnormalities. You just need a good acupuncturist. The therapist should listen to you carefully and help you to overcome the disease by applying the best-proven needling technique.

To get the best acupuncturist in NYC

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