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Acupuncturist NYC | Address: 17507 89th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11432, United States, Phone: (917) 933-3326

We gather lots of information related to you through different sources including, you provide some willingly, and we get some information from the site and some information come to us through other third parties. We use all those information in a secured way so that utmost privacy and security is obtained.


Audience of Advertising

We put regular advertisement for the viewer and our clients. The advertisement runs by targeting you based on your provided information that is personal like age, gender, interest; geographic location by capturing the IP and some information from the third party.


We have the cookies that help us to know the interest of our target audience. On the other hand, we can do our own online advertising or may hire a third party to run the advertisement depending on the information obtained from the cookies.


If you don’t want the advertisement you have control on the customization of advertisements that you prefer to look at. You can monitor the ad and limit the area of interest on online browsing.


Providing the Service with the Information

  • Monitor the account that is opened by the customers.
  • Provide different access to the customers for the site.
  • Communicate with the customers for sending resources, marketing information and newsletter.
  • Improve the betterment of the site and the service.


Cookies Policy

Cookies are pieces of information that a website receives and attaches to it when you browse a site. There are two types of cookies that are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when you close the browser but the persistent cookies don’t expire, in fact, live until you delete it. We use both the cookies. We install the cookies to help you in certain services from the site. If you don’t accept the cookies you skip the facilities. The information that cookies receive are like personal information, location information, personal choice of interest etc.


Information Disclosure to Third Parties

It is our responsibility to protect the information you provide to us. We maintain 100% confidentiality that you have trusted us with the information. We do not share any information to third parties until the system or the agreement or necessities required. And this sharing is like that it would not create any problems to your personal life.


We disclose information for some valid reasons to comply with the laws and regulations, court order or search warrant. If there are any threats to homeland security, network system or risks to you or others, all of these may demand the disclosure of the information.


There are third party service providers that we need to work with our site and services. They work on behalf of us, and we need to provide the information to them to help the workflow.


We may sometimes seek sponsors for a program. And that requires information from our clients. So, for this reason, we gather the data on behalf of the sponsors with the permission of the information provider.


We may exchange personal information to sister concerns or subsidiaries or sister concerns, joint ventures, and so on. According to the policy, we have to share the information to them. Additionally, if we want to sell the company or part of the company or do mergers, then according to policy we have to transfer the personal information as assets too.


Security of the Information

We place extreme protection for the information that we receive from you. We have a higher level of security system to protect the data in the server. We use SSL technology that helps to process the financial transaction by encrypting those in the site. But no security system is impassable, that means we cannot warranty full security of the data in all the time because interception may happen during transmission of the data through the server.


Any Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove any parts of the privacy policy, and this may happen without any prior notice. The changes we do are opt for activation immediately if no other ways are described. However, we will not use any information in a way that differs from the policy. When you continue the use of the site even after the amendment, we will understand that you agree to the changing results of the change and terms and condition too. You may bookmark our site the policy page to review it within your available time and get the update.

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