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How To Become An Acupuncturist In NY

How to become an acupuncturist in NY

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine treatment method, reliable and relaxing cure. It works by inserting needles in a specific part of the body to reduce the pain or discomfort. Not only the needles have it worked with the electrical triggers, acupressure, and heat too.




As it is a treatment process, the person who serves this needs to have particular expertise for it. They are identified as acupuncturist practitioners. Sometimes people may confuse them with the doctors, but remember this “acupuncturist is not a doctor, just a practitioner with certified knowledge.”


There are two opportunities for acupuncturists. They can practice in an individual chamber or can work along with a group of practitioners in an acupuncture clinic. Both are good options.


Education & Training

For acupuncture, there are lots of programs available to get the training and degree in this sector. You may do the Master’s degree, postgraduate degree, and lots of practice in Chinese medicines and herbal medicines. The Accreditation Commission and Oriental Medicine authorize the degrees for Acupuncture. The US Department of Education controls and monitors the education and training.


You can sit for a master’s degree program that requires the previous lessons of 2 years of acupuncture learning students. On the other hand, students can enroll in the programs after the GED and high school.


The requirement of post-graduation in acupuncture is higher than that. The candidate should be the medical person and with a masters degree or even nonmedical persons with a master’s degree. It is an advanced learning procedure with a 3 to 4 years degree.


On the other hand, medical professionals with MD or D.O or Masters Degree can add acupuncture as a supplement subject for the post-graduation program. Medical persons don’t need to do the courses for the undergraduate program of acupuncture on western medicine, study the Chinese medicine courses.Most important to know that this certification is valid for only four years, and one has to add the credits to continue the certification degrees.


License Requirement

To become an acupuncturist, one has to take the license for it. To practice acupuncture, one must be a licensed acupuncturist. The six states of the USA seek licensing eligibility. Only California arranges a special examination for acupuncturists to get a license to work in there. The other 45 states require the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine certification.


So, students must pass either the masters or post-graduation certification programs or pass the individually listed exams like in California.


After the entire certification requirement, one can be a Diplomat in acupuncture. Lawfully the working areas and scopes are limited for acupuncturists in different states. They have to be well known to those.


Timing and Earning as an Acupuncturist

As an acupuncturist, one needs to spend three to four years for masters and one year for a particular certification program. They can earn by personal chamber or job in the acupuncture clinic. So there is no any fixed probable salary for them. But it may be in the range between 30000 to 60000 dollars.


5 Best Colleges and Universities to Teach Acupuncture Located in the United States


Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

It stepped in 1983 and is the oldest Chinese medicine center. Oregon College offers masters and doctors of acupuncture and oriental medicine. Master’s degree is 36 months, with 3,334.5 hours. The doctorate is for 24 months and total of 1221 hours with clinical and classroom hours.


Emperor’s College School of Traditional Oriental Medicine

Emperor’s College was established in 1983. It is prevalent for the distinguishing features of the acupuncture and oriental medicine. It provides the Master’s degree program of total 3210 hours, and one can finish in 8 years by part-time support.


American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

American College was established in 1984. It provides the Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and students may complete it at least in 4 years with 12 semesters. It has a collaboration program for three months with Henan University and two to six weeks with Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou in China. Students can get the facilities of internet here.


New England School of Acupuncture

It is the wing of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and was established in 1975. Two types of programs there are in masters such as Chinese Acupuncture Styles are for 33 months and the Chinese Herbal Medicine program in 36 months.


Five Branches University

Five Branches University is founded in California on two campuses; Santa Cruz and San Jose. Both of the campuses provide the acupuncture courses of the master’s degree programs with the academic and practical application. The theme of five branches is herbology, Tui Na massage, acupuncture, Chinese dietary medicine, and energetic. The whole program ends in 3 years, with 2256 hours. Dual degrees of Masters and doctorate are also available to be finished in 4 years.


So, one has to make an extensive organized plan to build and maintain the acupuncturist career with complying with all the rules and regulations of the authorization committee.


Restore Your Energy with Best Acupuncturist

The acupuncturists diagnose and inquire about the history of the disease for every case. You will get complete support from the acupuncturist.


When you start taking treatment, you become our responsibility as a whole. From the beginning to the end, we will provide complete support. We have a friendly environment here, which helps the mental improvement of the clients.


We have many stories of successful acupuncture where the patients get benefits after two to three sessions.

We have some procedure and policy for your sake, which makes us extremely authoritative to your treatment.

  • Diagnosis and check the history of every patient.
  • Keep and track records of every patient through the whole session.
  • Keeping the patient history separately in a digital archive.
  • Provide the treatment options for long term.
  • Only sterile needles used
  • We have a policy for the unusual event
  • We have a special service for emergency
  • Liable for long-term support

Contact with the best acupuncturist in NYC

If you are tired of anxiety and other health issues and fails to improve by using modern medications, why don’t you try acupuncture?


The traditional Chinese system can be a quick and effective solution for your abnormalities. You just need a good acupuncturist. The therapist should listen to you carefully and help you to overcome the disease by applying the best-proven needling technique.

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