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Acupuncture for Weight Loss | This Is safe

Are you searching for an effective solution for your excess weight without any hard exercise, medicine or heavy diet? Acupuncture for wet loss is a great way to regulate the metabolism that is essential for losing excessive weight.


Acupuncture can work on the element that causes excessive weight accumulation like increasing metabolism, stress reduction, appetite reduction and so on.


As per the Chinese Traditional Therapy, weight gains due to an imbalance in the body. It occurs due to impairment in different parts of the body like liver, kidney, thyroid gland, spleen, endocrine system, etc.


The body parts are also the commonest point from where the Acupuncturists may start the treatment. These are the points for acupuncture weight loss.


The acupuncture needles trigger many stimulators in the body, which are responsible for weight gain.


The acupuncture for weight loss in NYC is the best clinic to fulfill your dream of slim and fat less abs. Our expert acupuncturist can be very effective to make your dream true.

The Kidney and Endocrine

Acupuncture clear the water imprisonment in the kidney. Therefore, the electrolytes, and other nutrients clear from the body as appropriate. It also helps to maintain hormonal balance and propel the nerve.

The Adrenal and Ovary Glands

Adrenaline and few other ovarian hormones influence on weight gain. These hormonal effects are due to menopause. Acupuncturist creates a hormonal harmonization in the body to solve the issue of weight gain.

The Spleen and Thyroid Gland

Thyroid hormones are responsible to metabolize the sugar. Some hormone from the spleen also plays a crucial role.  Their imbalance can increase weight. In acupuncture for weight loss, the therapist works on restoring harmony.

Ear Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Another effective weight loss technique is ear magnets or ear stapling. It relates the points of the ear, which is responsible for controlling food cravings. The responsible practitioner inserts the acupuncture needles in the part of the ear linked to craving and hunger. The performance of the acupuncture for weight loss depends on the metabolic function of obese patients. It increases the uses of body fats for weight loss.

Laser Acupuncture for Weight Loss

It is a painless acupuncture, which is a needle too. As you see, it is the laser acupuncture, so it is non-intrusive soft therapy named as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). This boosts up the metabolism and helps the weight loss.

When the cold laser is applied for weight loss treatment then there would occur a shift in the activated cell and work for losing fat. The effect would be the low desire of the food or feeling the full the fast.

However, the laser acupuncture would work best with the strong will power to reduce the weight without being depressed or frustrated.

Acupressure for Weight Loss

It is also a method of acupuncture of weight loss. This means having pressure on the belly’s specific points that would ease the digestive system of the body.


But it will include the diet plan and low exercise. These are 6 acupressure points for belly fat loss, they are-

Ear Point
Ear point

This massage for weight loss is more effective. There are three acupoints in the ear for weight loss. These are situated at the front of the ear.You can find these by applying your fingers against the jaw. Then open and shut your mouth. After that, identify the area.

Abdomen Point
Abdomen point

It is the effective area of the body to lose weight through massage. This point is situated 3 centimeters below the belly button. This area is responsible for a good digestive system and cures constipation by humble acupressure on the point.

Abdominal Sorrow Point
Abdominal Sorrow Point

From the earlobes, got through the linear line to the last rib, the point is situated below the last rib. Give pressure in here for five minutes by circling your finger. It will reduce the ulcer, rib pain, and indigestion goal to weight loss.

Knee Point
Knee point

This point is situated beneath the 2-inches kneecap somewhat outside the leg. Give gentle acupressure for one minute with the forefinger on it. It will normalize the stomach condition and loss your weight.

Elbow Point
Elbow point

You can find a point near the outer end of the elbow fold; the point is in the inner side of it. The pressure in this point helps to improve the function of entrails and thus reduce.

Ankle Point
Ankle Point

You may find this point 2-inches over the ankle but in the inner part. You can press this point for 1 minute every day to improve the digestive system and balance the fluid hormone.

The Positive Effects of Acupuncture for Weight Loss


Stress and anxiety affect food cravings. Acupuncture treatment reduces the stress, anxiety. The ultimate result would be fat loss.


Acupuncture for metabolism works with balancing the blood sugar levels. Thus, it would trigger the thyroid and endocrine system and finally, it would result in weight loss.


The Chinese herbs can help you solve the problem of bowel system and make it fit for your digestive system. Thus, it can lessen the water detention that would increase the unnecessary weight.


The most important factor you will reduce the food craving, even the craving for alcohol and smoking. This would get an unnecessary weight gain in the body. So quitting these would surely lose the weight.


Acupuncture can make one a person of strong will. The discharge of hormones with the help of acupuncture can block the devastating neurochemicals that would help you stay in your aim.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss Cost


It will depend on lots of factors that acupuncture for weight loss incurs how much costs. The preliminary test and evaluation of the treatment tend to incur the cost of acupuncture within $75 to $100 per session.


It defers according to place and many other variables. The average national cost of acupuncture to weight loss ranges from 50$ to 90$.


It is not that much. In the USA, obesity is a general problem and everyone wants to get out from this bad situation. People try to help themselves with every process and trial and error to keep fitness.


Sometimes go for just diet or sometimes for just heavy exercise or sometimes-light yoga. However, all these procedures will end sometimes for being those painful or hard to be done.


Traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss is less painful and relaxing too. Therefore, you can have it without fear.

Side Effects of Acupuncture


Every treatment has some side effects initially but it will clear down over time. This method is also like this. Different person may have different sensitivity. Let us tell some of these like fatigue, soreness, abdominal spasm, etc.


These should go down after two to three sessions. Some emotional sensitivity may be present too. Other than these side effects, you can find no infections, as our best acupuncturist in NYC will do it with the cordial service.

Frequently Asked Question

Can acupuncture help your metabolism?

Of course, the main way of weight loss through acupuncture is that it can increase the metabolism and help to improve your digestion.


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Can acupuncture help you to lose weight?

Acupuncture can lose your weight in subsequent sessions that your body will adjust the level of hormonal imbalance and loss the fat of the body.


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How long do effects of acupuncture last?

The effect of acupuncture is long-lasting if you can make it happened combined with the diet process. To get the benefit for a long time you have to abide by the advice shared by the acupuncturist. Therefore, maintenance therapy is a powerful matter for getting the best results.


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How long do effects of acupuncture last?

It depends on the initiation and losing the level of weight. If you want to reduce the weight of 10 to 15 pounds then you may need six to eight weeks to end whole session. Each sessions may include 30 minutes overall having the acupuncture of 15 minutes.


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Can acupuncture help you lose belly fat?

Yes, there are different acupoints in the body, which are eligible for fat loss on different points. If you want to come just to reduce belly fat then we are surely here to help you. The exact location of the body gets acupuncture treatment.


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Final Comments

Overall, you must have to keep a positive attitude over the acupuncture process. So keep trust on us. We have the best treatment and service for you according to your obesity level and other related sensitive factors of your body. Stay healthy.

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