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Acupuncture for Headaches and Neck Pain: Experts’ Opinion

Are you searching for an effective solution for your excess weight without any hard exercise, medicine or heavy diet? Acupuncture for wet loss is a great way to regulate the metabolism that is essential for losing excessive weight.


Acupuncture can work on the element that causes excessive weight accumulation like increasing metabolism, stress reduction, appetite reduction and so on.


As per the Chinese Traditional Therapy, weight gains due to an imbalance in the body. It occurs due to impairment in different parts of the body like liver, kidney, thyroid gland, spleen, endocrine system, etc.


Have you ever suffered in Migraine problem or Cluster headache or tension headache? Does any medicine could help you instantly to make you cheered? I did never get that help. The whole day just get spoiled for me! But, one treatment that you would get help in that disease is Acupuncture for headaches.


Though the acupuncture is 2500-year-old treatment, it steps at modern world with success rates at the recent years. It is a method of treatment with Chinese herbal medicine, which is more effective to pain relief than any other usual over the counter medicine.


In the other words, we can say if you take regular painkiller medicine, you could have fallen in overdose. The overuse of painkiller like ibuprofen can cause you heart failure and many more complexities any time.


But the Chinese herbal method is a natural way to relief pain without any over the counter drugs. It may prevent the headaches come back. And we are here for that reasons. However, you may have many questions in your mind already; let’s help you with all the required information as we can.

Acupuncture for Headaches

In combination with Chinese traditional medicine, Acupuncture can be effective to reduce or cure the headache. Acupuncture may not only help the special disease induced headache but also cure them for a long-time.


Furthermore, the process tries to remove the adverse effects of the whole body, which tend to impose the headache. The ultimate results would be curing the headache and feeling of the whole body relaxed. Additionally, the acupressure is a part of message treatment.

The procedure of Acupuncture

A Brief

Usually the procedure of the acupuncture is just inserting pins, which are very thin in the pressure points of the body. This will actually help to improve the blood circulation of the painful area of the head, thus the process will ease the pain.


With this intention, our qualified practitioner will provide you the treatment according to the physical location of the pain as it can be migraine or sinus headache, tension headache, cluster headache and any other.


Besides this there are lots of variable that are related to the pain as like this pain may be associated by menstruation, weather changes, food sensitivity and so on.


After observing a full medical history the practitioner will focus on precise treatment for you. However, this can be a combination of acupuncture and diet life styles.


Let us have a considerable description of the acupuncture procedure, which is effective to start on the point from which the pain is associated or originated.


Let us say for migraine headaches, most of the time the pain arises from the back of the head and then travel around the front of the head affecting the eyes or the temples.


Therefore, in this particular case you may use this treatment either before the migraine comes. Conversely, you can do it in just in that moment or few hours before the starts. The practitioner can palpate a needle on the specific acu-point to reduce the pain.

If Practitioners use this method by fast movement then it can actually stop the migraine into a full-blown debilitating migraine headache.


Similarly, a lot of herbal formula is also available that is very useful in dealing those chronic migraine headaches.


Once the expert acupuncturist finds the actual point, they insert acupuncture needles for 5 to 20 minutes. The duration depends on the complexity or syndrome of the disorder.


Often two or more acupuncture needles are essential to diagnose or treat the headache. After the specific period, the therapist removes the needles followed by a control diet.


The therapy system is common for the neck pain. Sometime there is a transfer of pain from neck to head. The treatment system is also different for neck pain and headache. Therefore, you should not worry more if you find some difference in the treatment pattern.

Acupressure for Headache

Acupressure is a part of acupuncture practice, which includes just the messaging on the command point on which the pain is derived. Normally acupressure points for headaches are located in to different points like the place where nerve enters the muscle, muscle midpoint and where muscle joins bone. The specific places are named as acupoints.


The command points may be located on the hands for the head pain for pinpointing between the first and second metacarpal at the high point of the muscle. Now by giving a gentle pressure with a finger and the thumb on the other side you can elicit a kind of a deep ache. And if you clue into your head, notice if it starts to make the headache lessen or not. So the message for headache can be taken on different triggering points according to the diagnosis of your headache and neck pain.

Advantages of Acupuncture for Headache

You will get adequate benefits of Acupuncture for headaches and neck pain.


We can align them at below:

  • Any types of pain lost the energy of your body and through the acupuncture process you can reinstall the strength and power.
  • By inserting pin and acupressure it stimulates the acupoints of the pain originating points and thus triggers it and removes the simulator that creates the pain.
  • Moreover, our practitioners use the needles in this treatment that trigger the nerves to dispose the hormones like endorphin which is effective for the brain to stay relax.
  • Additionally, patients take herbal medicines which are not sensitive to any body at all.
  • Taking this treatment by completing a course can help you prevent the migraine problems or intensity of the headache and neck pain initially.
  • Neck pain.

Side Effects of Acupuncture

Initialization of the acupuncture may have some side effects on some people who are sensitive to this therapy. It indicates that they need few more session to cope up with the therapy. Of course, sometimes the therapy also needs some adjustment.


In contrast, some problems arise when you would go to unskilled practitioners who use contaminated needle to treat your pain.


However, in our case, there would never be chance of happening like that, as we have the best skilled acupuncturist in NYC and the guidelines of our centre are very strict to put every new and sterilized material for the patients.


The major point is that we can provide the best delivery of the acupuncture service in New York. Live the life happily without the massive punch of headache and neck pain. It is one of the best headache relief tricks. Given these points, we can say that there would be no massive headaches after acupuncture.

Frequently Asked Question of Acupuncture for Headache

Is Acupuncture effective for migraine?

Acupuncture works very well in migraines. In fact it is one of the best treatments for migraine as it the headache is less curable with the over the counter machine. However, with the help of acupuncture and acupressure you can prevent and reduce it to a great level.


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Is Acupuncture on the head safe?

Obviously it is safe on head. It just triggers the head points and this is done very comfortably with the needle to stimulate the nerves. Not only it is safe, it is relaxing too.


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Does acupuncture hurt?

No it does not hurt because the needle is too thin to get any pain. By the way, people accept that they feel very relaxed when the treatment is going on.


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How long does it take for acupuncture to work for headaches?

Actually it depends on the intensity of the headache. It may require whole six to eight weeks to recover. Basically we do it once or twice in a week. Given these points, it may need 12 to 16 sessions at best to end the full course initially.


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What pressure point gets rid of a headache?

The point located between the thumbs and index finger can be the place of acupressure to get rid of headache.


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Can acupuncture aggravate symptoms?

Very few side effects like soreness or fatigue may happen for the very first time. But no injury can happen because that could happen for just contaminated pins or materials. And that are totally inaccessible in our centre.


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Does acupuncture help with tension headaches?

Acupuncture for tension headache is available and it is much effective as like the migraine headache treatment.


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What should I do after acupuncture?

Just rest. Have light exercise and have a chill and relax. Avoid the Coffee and alcohol to stay hydrated.


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Can I drive after acupuncture of headache?

As you may feel little tired and sleepy so it is better not to drive right after the treatment.


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Final Comments

Acupuncture for headache can be a permanent or long-lasting solution for various pain induced from a large number of disease. You may also get a proper solution for your neck pain by the acupuncture.

Therefore, do not suffer in pain anymore. Book a session to step towards permanent solution of the headache.

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