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Acupuncture for Headaches and Neck Pain: Experts’ Opinion

Do you suffer from migraines or cluster headaches? Is there any medicine that revives you, that makes you feel like yourself again? Most never find that magic cure in modern medicine.  A headache or migraine could easily knock me out of commission for a day or two. Acupuncture can provide immediate and effective relief.

Though acupuncture is a 2500-year-old treatment, its success rate has made it popular in the modern world in recent years. It is a method of treatment based on Chinese herbal medicine, which can be more effective for pain relief than other common over-the-counter medicine.

If you are currently using over-the-counter products to treat headaches and migraines, you need to be careful.  The overuse of ibuprofen, for example, can cause heart failure or liver damage. 

The Chinese herbal method is a natural way to achieve pain relief without any over-the-counter medications.  It may prevent headaches from coming back. And that’s exactly why we’re here. If you have questions about the process, keep reading to find out more about acupuncture for headaches and migraines.

Acupuncture for Headaches

In combination with Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture can be effective in reducing or curing a headache. Acupuncture may not only provide immediate relief but also offer a long-term solution in many cases.

The healing process treats the entire body to treat the cause of the pain. The outcome is a reduced or eliminated headache with a treatment that helps the patient relax overall. Additionally, the acupressure is a part of massage treatment.

The procedure of Acupuncture

A Brief

Generally speaking, acupuncture works through the insertion of thin pins in the body’s various pressure points.  This helps improve circulation, reducing pain.

With this intention, our qualified practitioner will provide you treatment according to the physical location of the pain, be it a migraine or sinus headache, tension headache, cluster headache or any other type of head pain.

Some other causes of this type of pain relate to menstruation, weather changes, food sensitivity and so on.

After conducting a study of your medical history, the practitioner will focus on a personalized treatment plan. This may include acupuncture and changes to diet or lifestyle.


Let’s start with a detailed description of the procedure. It starts by focusing on the origin of the pain.

When it comes to migraine headaches, pain generally begins at the back of the head and travels to the front, effecting vision.  The pain is often felt in the temples.

As such, it may be possible to stop the migraine from becoming full-blown with quick treatment.  The practitioner can palpate a needle on the specific acu-point to reduce the pain.

If practitioners act quickly enough, they can stop the dull pain from becoming a debilitating migraine headache. 

We also offer herbal formulas that can help in the treatment of migraines. 

Once the expert acupuncturist finds the actual target point for the needle, they insert acupuncture needles for 5 to 20 minutes. The duration depends on the complexity or syndrome of the disorder.

Two or more needles will be used in the procedure. After the treatment, the acupuncturist recommends a new diet.

The therapy system is common for the neck pain. Sometimes there is a transfer of pain from the neck to the head. The treatment is somewhat different for neck pain than it is for a headache. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry too much if you find some difference in the treatment plans.

Acupressure for Headache

Acupressure also includes a massage of pressure points that are causing a disturbance in the body’s natural state. Normally acupressure points for headaches are located at different points, like the place where nerve enters the muscle, at the muscle midpoint and where muscle joins bone. The specific places are named as acupoints.


The command points may be located on the hands, for the head, at a spot between the first and second metacarpal at the high point of the muscle. By applying some gentle pressure with a finger and the thumb on the other side, you can elicit a kind of a deep ache. Pay attention to how the pain in your head subsides. Various points will affect the body differently, and the acupuncturist will know which to target.

Advantages of Acupuncture for Headache

You will get adequate benefits of Acupuncture for headaches and neck pain.


We can align them at below:

    • You will experience the benefits of Acupuncture for headaches and neck pain. 
    • Pain causes a loss of energy, and acupuncture can restore that energy by reducing pain and increasing comfort and sense of well-being.  
    • Applying acupressure stimulates the acupoints of the pain’s originating points and thus activates a trigger to reduce pain stemming from that point. 
    • Our practitioners use needles that trigger the body to release endorphins which is effective in helping the brain stay relaxed.
    • Additionally, patients take herbal medicines which are not harsh on the body.
    • Undergoing full treatment can reduce pain in the back, neck, and head.

Side Effects of Acupuncture

Some side effects can occur in people who are more sensitive to the therapy.  You may need more sessions to develop a tolerance to the therapy. There may be an adjustment period.

Of course, if you go to an unqualified acupuncturist, there is risk of contamination or infection from needles that are not properly cleaned.

That doesn’t happen in our practice because we only hire skilled acupuncturists in NYC, and we follow health and sanitation guidelines.  In our center, we are always use new and sterilized materials.

We offer the best acupuncture services in New York. Live happily without headaches and neck pain. We don’t think you will be suffering from massive headaches after acupuncture.

Frequently Asked Question of Acupuncture for Headache

1) Is Acupuncture effective for migraines?

Ans: Acupuncture works very well for migraines. In fact, it is one of the best treatments for migraines, preferred over OTC medications. With the help of acupuncture and acupressure, you can prevent and reduce your migraine symptoms.


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2) Is Acupuncture on the head safe?

Ans: It is safe on the head. It simply triggers the head points.  The treatment is comfortable. Not only it is safe, it is relaxing too.


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3) Does acupuncture hurt?

Ans: No, it does not hurt because the needle is too thin to cause pain. By the way, people comment that they feel very relaxed when the treatment is going on.


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4) How long does it take for acupuncture to work for headaches?

Ans: Actually, it depends on the intensity of the headache. It may require six to eight weeks to see a full recovery. Generally, we do treatment once or twice a week. It could take as many as 12 to 16 sessions in the first course.


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5) What pressure point gets rid of a headache?

Ans:  The point located between the thumb and index finger can be the acupressure point used to get rid of headaches.


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6) Can acupuncture aggravate symptoms?

Ans: Some people experience side effects like soreness or fatigue after the first treatment.  But there will be no injury so long as pins are sterilized before treatment. Our center’s safety plan eliminates this risk.


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7) Does acupuncture help with tension headaches?

Ans: Acupuncture for tension headaches is available.


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8) What should I do after acupuncture?

Ans: Just rest. Later, you can enjoy light exercise or relax. Avoid coffee and alcohol as to stay hydrated.


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9) Can I drive after acupuncture of headache?

Ans: As you may feel little tired and sleepy, it is better not to drive right after the treatment.


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Final Comments

Acupuncture for headaches can be a permanent or long-lasting solution for various pain caused by many reasons. You may also end your neck pain with acupuncture.

You don’t have to suffer anymore. Book a session to find a permanent solution for your headaches.

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