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Acupuncture for Fertility: A way to make life complete

Can you believe about 50% of infertile couples take Acupuncture for fertility last year and get a high rate of success?


Pregnancy is an overwhelming event in a woman’s life. Parenthood is the most precious gift of nature. But losing fetus or being infertile is a curse of life. The best acupuncturist in NYC can be an effective and cheap solution for enjoying parenthood.


Around 12-15% couple in the USA face problem in becoming pregnant. Around 10% of women in the age of 15-40 face difficulty in conceiving or staying pregnant. The authentic data from the CDC reveals the high percentage of infertile people.

What is infertility?


Infertility does not indicate that you cannot be pregnant or a father. The term infertility is commonly used for those women who have a problem in conceiving. Due to various interference in hypothalamus do not generate or send a signal to pituitary which releases the various reproductive hormone. These hormones influence women ovulation.


Interference in these signal transmission prevents hormone release. As a result, women do not have complete ovulation and fails to conceive.


These signal creation, transmission, and hormonal secretion also have a great impact on controlling the uterus and fallopian tube. Inappropriate control over the spams causes miscarriage in the early or even in the later stage of pregnancy.


Stress and anxiety are the major cause for the women which triggers the interference and infertile.


Again, the term impotent is common for the infertile men. For men, the counting of sperm in semen is the major factor. The common count of sperm is around 40-400 million in every ejaculation and each ejaculation contains around an average of 3.5 ml semen. For an adult man, if the sperm count is below 39 million, he is impotent.


Although a single sperm can cause ovulation, the huge count is essential to break the three layers of the ovum. With other physiological issues, the stress, anxiety and high blood pressure can be responsible to reduce the sperm count.


For both women and men, infertile does not mean they cannot have a baby in the future. If it is possible to solve the signal transmission interference, the problem will disappear from women. The modern medicinal treatment has a good percent of success for the various age groups. But, the side effect is severe.


For men, modern techniques are very effective in increasing the sperm count.

The Hormones  

  1. Testosterone: The sex hormone men and women both produce.
  2. Luteinizing hormone: This is responsible for the menstrual period.
  3. Estradiol: Another sex hormone that triggers the cell.
  4. Thyroid-stimulating: hormone: An important hormone that impacts the fertility and pregnancy a lot.
  5. Prolactin: Responsible milk production and impacts on the conception.
  6. Follicle-stimulating hormone: It regulates the timing of ovulation.
  7. Free thyroxine: Overall Thyroid condition of the health.
  8. Anti-Müllerian: It estimates the capabilities of the egg holding in ovaries.


You can keep track of your hormone level by knowing about the status of all of that. Further, you can consult a specialist if there is something that bothers you.

How You can test Your Infertility?

Usually, a woman is born with 2 million eggs. This amount gets down to zero during the time of menopause. So, if you want to get babies, you have to try in between these periods. In fact, the earlier, the better. So,if you are doing late to complete your family plan or if you are planning for the next baby after a considerable gap, test your fertility. You may check the fertility in a clinical centre with all the other services. If you think that you don’t need to test anything in those circumstances stated above, and you are confident about your fertility, just make At home Fertility Test. This could tell you if you need any consultation or not. There are several service centers now sell the kits for At home Fertility Test. The kits test about some eight types of hormones that are responsible for fertility.

What are the things that you may know from the test?

  • How many eggs do you produce and how many of them are ovulated?
  • Approximately when you may hit the menopause?
  • Do you have any problem of polycystic ovarian syndrome?
  • What is the condition of your reproductive and general health by testing all the hormones?Do you need egg freezing? Now or later? 

The Adrenal and Ovary Glands

Only that 10-12% of couples can understand the value of fertility that is experiencing issues with pregnancy.


Sometimes the money matters for the couples while sometimes failure of various modern infertility treatment options.Acupuncture can be a reliable and effective solution at a minimum cost for that couple who are experiencing issues with pregnancy.


This Chinese treatment option can be beneficial for several aspects.

Acupressure for Fertility

It is also a method of acupuncture of weight loss. This means having pressure on the belly’s specific points that would ease the digestive system of the body.


But it will include the diet plan and low exercise. These are 6 acupressure points for belly fat loss, they are-

Relax Your Body Completely
Relax your body completely

Like acupuncture for anxiety, this infertility management system can also relax your body by improving blood flow to various organs especially the reproductive system. Stress and restlessness are a hindrance of period regulation, which affects fertility. Most of the patients report that they feel very relaxed after each session of acupuncture.

Correct The Irregular Of Menstruation Cycle
Correct the irregular of Menstruation Cycle

The acupuncture infertility NYC specialists are good to maintain a balance between Yin and Yang energy.At the Yin phase, growth and consolidation dominate your periodic cycle. At the Yang phase, the ovulation and menstruation take place in your body.Acupuncture regulates the cycle more predictable and each cycle lasts for 3-5 days.

Improve Egg Fertility
Improve Egg Fertility

Acupuncture for fertility improves the blood circulation in the ovary and increase the level of FSH hormone. It improves the fertility and quality of the egg.The unsteady basal body temperature is responsible for shortening the follicular phase, which decreases fertility. The best acupuncture infertility NYC provides the therapy.

Enhance The Modern Fertility Therapy Outcome
Enhance the Modern Fertility Therapy Outcome

In modern medical science, there is various kind of treatment to become a parent. You can find costly medicine, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), etc. There are also some home medication, behavior, surgery, etc. available. Most often, the cost is much higher than a regular person.

Prevent Cyst And Protect Miscarriage
Prevent Cyst and Protect Miscarriage

Cyst, stress, and restlessness are major causes of miscarriage, especially who have issues of irregular period. Cyst also causes dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.Acupuncture is very effective in making you relaxed by increasing the oxygen supply to your body, reducing pain in dysmenorrhea and wipe out amenorrhea by regulating the cycle.

Progress The Ovulation Process
Progress the Ovulation Process

In China infertile women prefers acupuncture as the best way to conceive. In acupuncture for infertility, the therapists use various kinds of needles and insert them in the belly. As a result, the menstruation cycle starts instantly. Anovulatory female experiences regular menstruation, which helps the progression of ovulation.

Procedure for Acupuncture for Fertility


If you tried for a lot of option and failed to conceive, you may need the best acupuncturist in NYC. At the initial stage, you may have to visit three times a week and each visit needs a maximum of 40 minutes. With your body starts responding, the visit frequency will reduce even once in a month.


If you want to take Acupuncture for fertility in conjugation with modern therapy, you should start taking the Acupuncture before three months.


The acupuncturist will ask you about your food habit, lifestyle and observe your various movements. Based on your history and observation results, the best acupuncturist in NYC will start your treatment. Often the treatment needs six to twenty needles insertion. In the control, each needle is left for 10 to 20 minutes.


The best acupuncturist in NYC decides the needle number based on your requirement. A large number of needles does not indicate the severity of the disease.


For individual therapy, the duration is six months. The acupuncturist often uses various Chinese herbs to get a faster outcome.

Side Effects of Acupuncture for Fertility


In compare with western treatment, Acupuncture has a few side effects. Itching, pain, bleeding, discomfort, etc. are common side effects.


However, if you have any sensitivity for stainless steel or any Chinese herb, you should tell the acupuncturist. You should also share with your therapist about the intake history of aspirin, other coagulants and blood thinner. If you do not share the intake history, the needle insertion can cause huge bleeding.

Frequently Asked Question about Acupuncture for Fertility

How Acupuncture can help me to become pregnant?

The acupuncture for fertility improves the blood flow, increase FSH level, restore period cycle, improve the egg quality, etc. All these activities increase your chance to conceive.


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When should I start the Acupuncture for fertility?

The acupuncture infertility NYC specialists recommend starting the therapy at least three months before you want to conceive or starting modern fertility therapy.


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What is going to happen with me in my first visit?

At first, the practitioner will ask you about your lifestyle. He can also examine your pulse, tongue, eye, etc. Finally, you can have some insertion of needles. The insertion will not more than 20 minutes.


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How frequent I have to visit the Acupuncture infertility NYC specialists?

Mostly in the first few weeks, you may have to visit three times a week, which is the maximum. The acupuncturist suggests a number of the visit after the first session. But with time, it is reduced to less than one in a month.


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What should I look at while selecting the Acupuncturist for Fertility?

You should check the certification from NCCAOM or ABMA to select the therapist for you. It is not like the modern medical science. Most of the acupuncturist can apply various therapies.

The acupuncturists who want to practice in the United States must have the NCCAOM registration.


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Final Comments


Thousand years old, Acupuncture has the answer for the most desired and crucial question of pregnancy. Acupuncture is cheap compared to various modern options.


In a co-therapy, acupuncture is 26% more powerful. IUI and IVF have a very low success rate. Acupuncture can increase success by 70%.

Contact with the best acupuncturist in NYC

If you are tired of anxiety and other health issues and fails to improve by using modern medications, why don’t you try acupuncture?


The traditional Chinese system can be a quick and effective solution for your abnormalities. You just need a good acupuncturist. The therapist should listen to you carefully and help you to overcome the disease by applying the best-proven needling technique.

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