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Acupuncture for Depression: Experts’ Opinion

Depression can be a major cause of a suicide attempt. Modern medication cannot provide long-term relief. Acupuncture for depression can be a long-lasting solution that could save lives.


Depression may cause a sense of gloom that affects your entire body.  Antidepressants can help, but they come with a long list of possible side effects. 


For moderate depression, people are taking interest in acupuncture.

Acupuncture for Depression

Many people today suffer from depression.  However, the use of antidepressants can cause serious side effects, and so, people are on the lookout for an alternative treatment option.


Acupuncture is a treatment with roots going back 2500 years. In recent days, it has become a popular treatment for a variety of ailments.


Several researchers have seen the benefits of acupuncture for depression in NYC. The effects are so amazing that some patients prefer using acupuncture for depression. In some ways, acupuncture is better than modern medication for depression.

The Process of Acupuncture

The practitioner inserts thin needless into the body to regulate its flow of energy.  The NYC acupuncturist will identify the spots where application can reduce depression.



The acupuncturists will search for the best points based on a medical history as well as your body’s current state.  Blood flow will change, altering the presence of various hormones that lift energy and mood. 


The acupuncture can help regulate body functions through the insertion of thin pins. Depression can lead to different problems, which are also curable by this Chinese method (insomnia, mood swings, etc.).


There are several points, which can affect various events caused by depression. Bladder 15 is the point to treat insomnia related to depression. It is next to the bladder 44 position which finds itself in the fifth vertebral level.


The professional will locate the seventh at a tip of the scapula. Counting two vertebrae up in relation to the lower part of the spinous process; that is fifth. After that, a position occurs between the shoulder blade and the midline of the back, and in 1.5 in bladder 15.


Finally, three-inches next to the midline of the back is the bladder 44. The practitioners put the needles in these points for several minutes. They apply the treatment to relax the body and mind so that the body sleeps well and reduces effects of depression.

Benefits of Acupuncture for Depression

  • Acupuncture helps the doctor reregulate the usual activities of the body and mind.
  • It helps the patients steer themselves to a place of well-being.
  • Practitioners target the acupressure points to influence mood, emotion, muscles, and even organ functions, by using specialized acupuncture.  This treatment is available with a laser as well.
  • Acupuncture alleviates the symptoms and calms the underlying feelings related to depression. 
  • It helps the brain activity in the insula, situated in the brain. It is located deep inside the brain, responsible for feeling, awareness, and perspicacity. Many types of depressive disorders can be managed with this treatment.
  • Medication given to treat depression can present many side effects which acupuncture does not present.
  • Acupuncturists help find treat the problem at the source, no matter if it is in the body or mind. 
  • There are very few side effects.  Patients feel mental-emotional relief soon after treatment.

Acupuncture as Placebo Effect

Sometimes acupuncture works like just a placebo effect. Placebo effect means a real response to a treatment despite the lack of medication. Yet, the treatment helps people to a larger extent.


It works with mental instabilities like depression, insomnia and so on. Compared to a useless medical placebo, acupuncture offers much more.


Placebo acupuncture works through touching and seeing the patients holistically. This connection helps a lot of people to recover sooner. The patient feels the effect is real and responds to it.


This connection helps patients deal with depression and feel better. There are many success stories of acupuncture working for depression and anxiety alike.

Acupuncture for Depression during Pregnancy

Pregnant women are more prone to fall on depression because of hormonal imbalance. The use of an antidepressant is risky at this point.


On the other hand, acupuncture is a safe treatment for depression related to pregnancy. It does not require any medication, so there is no risk to mother nor child.


Mothers do not want to seek medical treatment for mild depression during pregnancy because medication could harm the child. Acupuncture is a healthy and safe alternative for the pregnant depression.


During pregnancy, the anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol may be in flux which leads to depression.


The  balance of this hormone should be kept at a normal level. Acupuncture helps to trigger the nervous and inflammatory system of the body, maintaining the appropriate level of this hormone.


Practitioners do this by inserting needles in specific points of the body. It can balance the cortisol hormone that is responsible for anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory.

Side -Effects of Acupuncture

There may be some discomfort in the first two or three sessions.  After that, there are few to no side effects.


This is contrary to medical prescriptions which may be unnecessary and possibly cause serious side effects.

Frequently Asked Question about Acupuncture for Depression

1) Why should you use acupuncture for depression?

Ans: The usual medical treatment (antidepressants) is riskier than acupuncture or herbal medicine. To live without the depression, you must adopt a treatment plan; acupuncture is one the best available.


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2) Is Acupuncture safe for depression?

Ans: Acupuncture might be the only option that can treat and cure depression without causing addiction. The therapy is very effective and safe compared to other treatments option for depression.


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3) Does acupuncture work for major depression?

Ans: Acupuncture helps major depression in some ways. If you are already seeking treatment from a medical professional, acupuncture can still help.


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4) How long does it take acupuncture to work for depression?

Ans: You can go for 10 to 12 weeks for the treatment process. During treatment, a session normally lasts 30 minutes or more. Every week, you may need as many as 2 or 3 sessions according to your diagnosis.


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5) How does acupuncture help insomnia?

Ans: Insomnia may be a symptom of depression.  Acupuncture helps patients find relaxation and they often find it easier to sleep after treatment.


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6) Does acupuncture work for mental illness?

Ans: Yes. A serious mental illness requires both medical and traditional treatment.  Focus on relaxation and relief can be made possible with acupuncture. This may require a longer duration of time.


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7) Can Acupuncture Cure Pregnancy-Related Depression?

Ans: Sure, it is believed that pregnancy-related depression is effectively curable through acupuncture. Depression during pregnancy is not a long-term problem and medication during this time is very risky for mom and baby due to serious side effects.


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Final Comments

The nervous system (and acupuncture) have a direct link to mental health. Acupuncture is often effective for treating depression symptoms.


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You will see the difference after a week.

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