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Acupuncturist NYC | Address: 17507 89th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11432, United States, Phone: (917) 933-3326

Who We are

We are the best acupuncturist clinic in NYC and nearby areas like Chinatown, Midtown, Queen, etc. We have trained acupuncture professionals who have expertise in acupuncture needles.


Currently, we provide acupuncture services on six major health problems like Fertility, Anxiety, Headaches, Arthritis, Weight Loss, and Tinnitus.


We have specialized practitioners in every sector. With a large number of staffs and licensed acupuncturists, we provide an outstanding service to our patients.


All acupuncturists have the certification in acupuncture and oriental medicine. They have the skill and experience to deal with the patient successfully. As the most trusted acupuncturist clinic in NYC, you can rely on our impressive service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an effective solution for a few regular health problems of the patients.

We want to provide a treatment option to the world without or fewer side effects.

Our mission includes-

Help patients to lead their life comfortably

Find a healthy lifestyle including proper diet

To make Chinese Alternative therapy popular to the world

Assure a healthy treatment for the unsolvable disease

Engage more people to serve the patient using the traditional therapy

Our Slogan


Our Vision

Our vision is becoming the leading acupuncturist center in NYC with a higher success rate. Besides rendering service to the patients, we wish to work on the various undiscovered field of acutherapy for the betterment of human being.

Our Highlighted Acupuncture Services in NYC

Acupuncture For Fertility
Acupuncture for Fertility

Life is incomplete without a kid. Some find difficult to have a baby. The acupuncture for fertility is effective with or without modern fertility therapy.

Acupuncture For Anxiety
Acupuncture for Anxiety

Anxiety is a curse, which has very limited treatment in modern therapy. Acupuncture for Anxiety is a good solution to live a happy life without a nightmare.

Acupuncture For Headaches
Acupuncture for Headaches

Migraine and Sinus headache need surgery to cure but often it recurs. You may have already taken tons of medicine to get rid of the bad headache.

Acupuncture For Weight Loss
Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Obesity is a common problem in the citizen. Acupuncture for weight loss is very effective in reducing extra weight without exercise and a controlled diet.

Acupuncture For Depression
Acupuncture for Depression

From insomnia to depression and allergy to common cold, tinnitus can be a common outcome. It can cause a huge disaster in your life. You may hear a phobic ringing like sound always.

Acupuncture For Arthritis
Acupuncture for Arthritis

Arthritis pain is often excessive. No modern medicine can give relief for a long time. Acupuncture for arthritis assures the pain relief for a longer time.

Restore Your Energy with Best Acupuncturist NYC

The acupuncturists diagnose and inquire about the history of the disease for every case. You will get complete support from the acupuncturist.


When you start taking treatment, you become our responsibility as a whole. From the beginning to the end, we will provide complete support. We have a friendly environment here, which helps the mental improvement of the clients.


We have many stories of successful acupuncture where the patients get benefits after two to three sessions.

We have some procedure and policy for your sake, which makes us extremely authoritative to your treatment.

  • Diagnosis and check the history of every patient.
  • Keep and track records of every patient through the whole session.
  • Keeping the patient history separately in a digital archive
  • Provide the treatment options for long term
  • Only Sterile needles used
  • We have a policy for the unusual event
  • We have a special service for emergency
  • Liable for Long-term support

Contact with the Best Acupuncturist in NYC

If you are tired of anxiety and other health issues and fails to improve by using modern medications, why don’t you try acupuncture?


The traditional Chinese system can be a quick and effective solution for your abnormalities. You just need a good acupuncturist. The therapist should listen to you carefully and help you to overcome the disease by applying the best-proven needling technique.

To get the best service in acupuncture

Book an Appointment TODAY !

We assure that you will get the Best Acupuncturist in NYC

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